I’m Dallen, creator of realizations.co

early on in my professional career as a Sports Scientist I was faced with a dilemma: How would I ever be able to tell my kids to pursue their dreams if I wasn't strong enough to pursue my own?

2 years post-master’s degree and working a job I liked, I was still missing something; fulfillment and purpose. It was at this time I decided to take a leap and go from “unhappily going through the motions” to “relentlessly pursuing my dreams”.

It all started with my search for deeper meaning through journaling. I experienced a paradigm shift and realized that life isn’t about what you do, rather, who you are.

This projected me towards a series of events in pursuit of being my best self, today. And through my journey I have created the Self-Mastery Journal which includes a simplified format to journaling in order to discover your truest desires and to live them today.

Life is not to be pursued in hopes of achieving something 40 years from now, it is to be lived today, and there’s no reason to delay.

Now my journey consists of spreading my message in hopes to help others experience the same paradigm shift I felt.

Thank you!

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My mission is to take you from un-enthusiastically going through the motions to relentlessly pursuing your dreams.


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