4 benefits of being competitive

Is being competitive good or bad?

Truthfully, I’ve heard arguments on both sides. And these arguments have caused me to think about myself and whether or not being competitive is hurting or helping me.

Here’s the thing, both arguments are correct. 

You can experience negative or positive side-effects of being competitive depending on how you’re going about it.

3 Reasons Why Being Competitive is Bad

  1. You’re jealous
    • Being competitive should never be associated with envy. When your purpose for competing is to outperform those you might be envious of you’re simply chasing an invisible ghost.
  2. You’re comparing yourself to others
    • “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Using comparison as your driver puts you in a negative light. You’re constantly evaluating yourself as “not as good” as them and losing focus on the progress you are actually making.
  3. Your overwhelmed or anxious
    • Feeling overwhelmed and anxious (from being jealous & comparing, maybe?) will put you in “defensive” or “reactive” mode. These feelings of overwhelm can be detrimental when you’re constantly competing against those around you.

4 Reasons Why Being Competitive is Good

  1. Your competition is yourself
    • Being competitive with yourself is one of the most beneficial things you can do. It allows you to see the daily progress you have made and inspires you to seek new heights.
  2. You enjoy it & find motivation in it
    • Like lifting weight, getting stronger is a form of competition. You continue to push yourself beyond your limits to achieve things you’ve never done before.
  3. You’re progress-oriented
    • Progress not perfection. Progress is attainable, perfection isn’t. Focusing on progress puts you in a long-term state of mind. 
  4. You’re open to change
    • Being competitive with yourself means you have to be open to change. Progress requires change. As you welcome change you begin to act as the person you are striving to become. Being open to change allows you to focus on constant improvement through testing and trialling.

Competition isn’t something that goes away when you’re done playing athletics, it can be a part of who you are. Here’s the challenge; welcome competition with open arms for the right reasons.

You’ll be glad you did.

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