Realizations: Unapologetic + Unedited + Uncut

You might be asking yourself:

  • What is this all about?

  • Why do I need to read this?

  • What do you have to offer me?


Here’s the cold hard truth: I’m launching realizations because most people aren’t satisfied.

In fact, a 2017 Gallup poll demonstrated that most Americans (two-thrids) feel no real connection with their work, resulting in a bare-minimum effort.


What does this tell you? We lack purpose.

Let me rephrase: you lack purpose.

I’m rolling the dice that if you’re reading this you could benefit from more purpose and satisfaction in your everyday life. If not, happily unsubscribe — No hard feelings!

Unedited + Uncut + Unapologetic

In a society that spends a lot of time tiptoeing around to please one-another, it is my goal to keep it real/one-hundred/one hunna (however the kids say it nowadays). 

Truth be told, the only way to maximize your time here is to learn how to put yourself first.

Sounds selfish, right? It’s actually the most selfLESS thing you can do.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. If you want to give more, be more. And that’s what Realizations is all about.

My goal is not to tell you what you want to hear, rather, what you need to hear.

Who am I?

Life has been quite crazy lately.

I recently took a huge leap. I quit my job and placed a bet on myself (figuratively… but also quite literally lol). 

Like you, I actually liked my job.

But also like you, it didn’t fulfill me. It didn’t give me the sense of reason that made me think to myself, “this is what I’m on this planet to do.”

Like you (again), I struggled for months upon months to understand what to do. My coworkers were unaware but my wife knew all about it.

I kept thinking it would pass… it never did. Actually, it progressively got worse.

Once I began to feel like my output at work began to decline I knew I needed a change.

Every time I envisioned my life 5, 10, 20 years from now I never saw myself working that job anyways… so what was I doing?

I’d be willing to bet you can relate.

Surprisingly, I’m extremely grateful for that experience. As a result, I looked inward. I took a deep dive into myself. I had a void to fill, a change needed to be made, but I had no idea how to go about it or even what that change looked like.

Experimenter of Life

I’m gonna tell you right now, forget what “they” think.

You’re too worried about being judged. I know the feeling, I’ve been there.

But the moment you quit giving a damn is the same moment your life will never be the same.

That project you want to begin? Do it.

F*ck if you fall flat on your face. You will.

You can’t discover what needs to change or be done unless you try a bunch of shit. That’s just the facts.

  • I began learning about online ventures

  • I read more books

  • I created & ran groups

  • I created projects for myself

And slowly but surely I began to wobble down the rabbit hole of self-discovery, falling flat on my face all along the way.

But that doesn’t scare me. What scares me is allowing the opinions of others to hold me back from my truth.

What happened next?

I ended up joining a paid group mentorship program offered by Rob Dial where the whole objective was to learn how to journal correctly in order to discover your passions and purpose.

I had never journaled before. But I did it anyway.

And in 30 short days, the trajectory of life completely changed. I experienced what I call a “paradigm shift”

This was when I began to understand that who you become has nothing to do with what you do for a living.

Yet here I was spending months at a time stressing about what I’m going to do.

Sure, you’re probably thinking “yeah we all know this, Dallen”.

But there’s a difference between hearing people say it and feeling it in your core. This time, I felt it.

I had a crystal clear image of who I desired to become. And because that clarity, it became easier to be that person today.

You’ve been lied to

There’s no need to wait. 

You have this image in your head that once you receive ___ you’ll feel ___.

This is a backward way of thinking and misguides your purpose today.

The life you envision is created by who you are today.

Yet, you’re allowing this vision to inhibit today’s purpose and action.

That’s why I’m here

If you feel like you have more to offer but aren’t sure how to fill that void then stick around.

My goal is simple; to provide you with practical solutions to build a life of purpose and passion.

As an active participant and support of Realizations you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself

  • Build the future you envision

  • Discover what ignites you

  • Life with purpose

  • Thrive today.

I hope you’re ready!

I know I am.


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