Find Clarity

Brain scans have shown that journaling is a powerful tool to transform an unrefined vision into clear steps.

Be Happier

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression.

Enhance Productivity

Research shows that daily goal setting increases your odds of accomplishing tasks by over 42%!

Develop Successful Habits

Successful outcomes are a result of successful behavior. Identify your ideal behaviors and watch yourself become your best self.

Happy Customers

"I'm very impressed with the quality of this bundle right off the bat. I'm someone who has purchased a LOT of these journal/organizers over the years. I've probably tried 5 or 6 different brands. What really stands out to me with this bundle is you do get 2 different products and I do like that they are separate. The weekly habit tracker has the perforations so you could easily tear away the pages and place them on your desk or even post them on the fridge or whiteboard (if you're like me)."
Andy Isom
"My wife and I were looking for a way to improve our accountability to things like exercise, nutrition, etc. and this journal has helped us so much. Not only has our accountability improved, but our outlook on life in general has gone through the roof thanks to the guided reflection in this journal. That's something nearly everyone needs in 2020, so we highly recommend this!"
Charlie Ottinger
Director of Human Performance
"I was skeptical that I would like or that I would even use the two separate journals until I realized how they work together to actually simplify things. The Habit Tracker sheet is meant to be completed weekly and removed on its perforated edge to be used as your bookmark in your Mastery Journal. This keeps my weekly goals in my face as I use the Mastery Journal for my daily plan of attack. I've used many different planners, journals, etc and love how streamlined and effective this system is. I'm not spending too much time filling it out yet it keeps me much more focused and organized. Also the journal prompts are great if you've tried journaling but don't know what to write, the prompts really get you asking yourself deep questions and looking at what's really important to you. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"
Max Sherwin
Amazon Customer
"This journal is very well done. It is the perfect size and I love that it comes in bundle. I love that it covers everything without being too complex. Other gratitude and goal setting journals I have used I stopped after awhile because they were too much. This covers what I need and it keeps me focused on my goals. I love that I can hang the page up with my goals on the fridge because it helps me stay accountable. I highly recommend this product if you want a way to stay motivated and change your life for the better. I have realized how much happier I have been using it."
Whitley Bowler
Amazon Customer